Supervision Groups

Group Supervision provides you with some superb professional benefits which includes:

  • Vicarious learning about a broader range of clients and situations than you could gain from individual supervision sessions
  • Provision of diverse feedback to you from your peers as well as me, your group supervisor
  • A nurturing support system within a network of your peers who are compassionate, understanding and inspirational.

Group Supervision is a humanistic approach to being more self-aware, responsible and compassionate. It is a complement to, but not a substitute for individual supervision.

As a participants, you are responsible for your own level of learning and for exploring your own creativity and awareness. These sessions are facilitated by me, Alison Moore. I am a qualified teacher of counselling, and a professional facilitator.

I have group supervision experience in:

  • GP Surgeries
  • Occupational Health Counsellors
  • NHS Trusts
  • Voluntary & Private Settings
  • Employment Assistance Programmes

Groups can consist of those at the same developmental stage as yourself whether that is apprentice or craftsmen; or they can be mixed groups. Groups can be closed and time limited, or open and flexible.

“I am passionate about us being the best we can be, and feel privileged to work with others on our journey.”

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